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Ghost Reports are reports that do not make it over to Cerner or Philips PACS after a radiologist has created a finalized report. Ghost Reports can happen for multiple reasons: Duplicate MRN’s, Duplicate Encounters and missing Financial numbers are some of the key sources for this issue.
Andrea from the Imaging Informatics team monitors Ghost Reports hourly via PACS, PowerScribe and Cerner.
Registration error is the key source of the majority of duplicate MRN’s and also PACS is set to receive ADT (abstract data types) from all sources.
Philips PACS provides a Merge/Link Candidate List that Chris and Andrea from the Imaging informatics team monitor hourly. They work closely with the EMPI HIMS Group to complete merges. II Team and EMPI HIMS Group are the primary teams working on this project.
Patients have the options to obtain a CD from one of the following options:

1. Patients can walk-in and request a CD in person at 1501 N Campbell Ave Tucson AZ 85724 on the 1st floor Imaging Check in Desk

2. Patient can download Release of Information form from Banners website complete and fax to the Imaging Informatics Team at 520-694-4875 or mail it in to 1501 N Campbell Ave Tucson AZ 85724 Attn: Imaging Informatics.

3. The patients provider can request a CD on behalf of the patient by faxing Imaging Informatics a request on office letterhead at 520-694-4875.

(All options above are HIPPA approved methods of obtaining medical imaging on a CD)
Andrea with Imaging Informatics runs a daily and weekly report out of PACS. All anomalous studies are cross referenced in PowerScribe and Cerner to determine the status of the report. A list is provided to the Attending physician of each sub-specialty to ensure that these studies are finalized.